An open visual thinking platform
for visual thinkers, by visual thinkers.

Times are changing. The world moves faster and faster and organizations are trying to keep up. It's time to change the game. The tools you use should be as flexible as you are.

We are Creatlr. A company from the Netherlands. If you'd like to meet us, let's have a coffee in Amsterdam or Utrecht Area (NL), or let's schedule an online meeting.

- The Creatlr Team

Our journey

Why build this?

Before we started this journey that's now called Creatlr, we experienced some pains. Problems that made working with clients and colleagues more difficult than need be.

First, there is a widespread of platforms that do things with communication, collaboration, creativity and knowledge sharing. In fact, each and every startup and organization (including ours) we spoke with needed so many platforms to get simple jobs done that we started keep count. It turned out that - on average - organizations were using 12 different platforms to get simple things done. We even came across a university that used over 200+ different platforms and applications. It's a big challenge to get even the smallest things done when every employee, student or client is working with their own set of tools.

The second thing that we've experienced (and still are) is that most people that say they value knowledge sharing are the ones that don't. Most visual thinking solutions and tools are beautiful walled gardens with limited tools, no possibility to add or share your own and often have fixed workflows and methods. Please jump through our hoops, sir!

Third, we feel that most platforms are overpricing what they have to offer. Keeping in mind that organizations needed 12-100 of these solutions - and even build portals on top of them to keep track - we got started.


Open, flexible, accessible & visual

To summarize the journey: coffee, prototyping and more coffee. We spoke with lots of organizations and asked ourselves questions like: "How does creativity work" and "What does a platform look like when we design it like a square?" A square where visual thinkers meet. Not only to collaborate and think visually, but also to share their knowledge in a hands-on visual way.

We also wondered if it would be possible to find a solution that would solve all of the pains that we discussed earlier. This gave us a clear direction. We needed to create an open, accessible and affordable platform where teams with different backgrounds would be able to find and share their tools, redesign their workflows and think visually together with clients.


Growing, because of visual thinkers like you

The past years have been amazing. Thanks to visual thinkers from all over the world, Creatlr has grown into a visual thinking community and creativity platform with over 200+ visual thinking tools.

We started out 4 years ago with early adopters, startups and some thought leaders that needed a place to share and use their tools. Today, we are very proud to welcome and help out start-ups, scale-ups, corporates, universities and students worldwide.

You're absolutely welcome to join our crazy journey!

Our business model

We've been asked a lot about our business model. Creatlr is an open platform, so let's be transparent.

We believe that true collaboration and knowledge sharing only works in an open and accessible platform. That's why users can do all the basics for free and accounts never expire. No sneaky trials. Free users are just as important to us.


So how do we pay our bills?
Premium users pay for everybody. We designed our paid plans for people that have outgrown the basics of visual thinking and believe advanced features can help their teams create more and get even more results.


We also believe that sustainable business models don't rely on one revenue stream only. Creatlr helps organizations with toolkit creation, training and implementing visual thinking. These additional services enable us to maintain and improve Creatlr for all users and keep all solutions accessible for everybody.

A brain extension for visual thinkers

Online brainstorming, project management & knowledge sharing

Creatlr is free to use for as long as you want.