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The 4 Actions Framework is a strategic tool used to reconstruct customer value elements.


Testing for Exceptional Utility. The buyer utility canvas highlights the 6 key utility levers felt by customer across the 8 stages of the buyer experience cycle from the product/service you offer.


This canvas helps you to visualize whether you have a balanced set of products/services that provides cashflow today and assures profitable grow tomorrow.This canvas helps you to visualize whether...


This canvas helps you identify commercially compelling Blue Oceans by reconstructing market boundaries. Six key areas where we look beyond current boundaries to find free market space


You need to build your Blue Ocean Strategy in the right sequence to be successful.


Plot the macroeconomic forces around your business model.

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Your Business Model on one page


Business models are designed and operated in a specific environment. Developing a good understanding of this environment results in better, more future-proof and likely more successful business mod...

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Start with the why and create a better pitch!


Mindmap the human resources your business needs.

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Optimieren Sie Ihre Customer Journey für mehr Kunden, höheren Umsatz, stärkere Kundenbindung und mehr Empfehlungen.

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Your business model, optimized for Lean Startup.


Plot the Market Forces that influence your business model environment.


Create a tailored pitch for every customer segment

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Create business models for platforms and marketplaces


Quickly map out new platform business ideas.


Design the core services of your platform for matchmaking, transaction and engagement


Define the go-to-market and growth strategy of your platform business.


The Business Model Canvas for multi-sided market businesses


Plot your stakeholders from partners and suppliers to competitors and customers.

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The Digital Innovation Model - German

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Create great value propositions from a customers perspective.

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