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Startup Strategy Toolkit

Everything you need to turn your idea into a startup!

Workshop templates

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Business Model Canvas Redesigned

Your Business Model on one page

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Empathy Map

Profile your customer segments and better understand their world

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Golden Circle Pitch Canvas

Start with the why and create a better pitch!


Job Story Board

Understand customer motivations, events and expectations.


Lean Canvas

Create your actionable & entrepreneur-focused business plan.

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Lean Canvas Redesigned

Your business model, optimized for Lean Startup.

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Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Canvas

Create lean products and services that work.

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Persona Template

Better understand your customers.

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Plan your project visually.


Service Blueprint Canvas

The service blueprint is a technique used for service innovation.

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Subsidy Project Canvas

Plot your projects and activities per theme and discover your subsidy opportunities!

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Value Proposition Design Template

Create great value propositions from a customers perspective.

Card decks for workshops

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Business Model Deck

Create business models together, visually!


Everything you need to turn your idea into a startup!

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Niels Hoogendoorn
Visual strategist at Creatlr.com

I use these tools in most of my workshops, they work really well together!

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