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This card deck is designed to work with the canvas from the Data Strategy Designkit to design data strategies and data products.


Place one card from the deck in a placeholder on the Data Strategy Designguide Canvas and add a description of the task as text.

For example, you could start with the Business Model / Case Canvas to understand the company's business model first:

  1. place the Business Model / Case Canvas icon as a card on the Data Strategy Designguide Canvas in the first placeholder under "Understand Business".
  2. insert as text: "Sketch & analyze business model".
  3. Then duplicate the card and place the copy in the second placeholder under "Understand Business.
  4. Change the text to "Identify use cases."
  5. etc.

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template English

Plan and illustrate your data strategy workshops.

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Design Thinking for Data Driven Business


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deck English

Cards for data strategy design

deck German

Karten für das Datenstrategie-Design


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