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Arrows & ribbons

Create infographics with ribbons, arrows and quotes

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Business Model Deck

Create business models together, visually!

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Visualize your customers, create better products.

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Smart devices

Easy to use visual card deck to mindmap with smart devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops & home entertainment devices.

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Social Media Platforms

A visual overview of all major social media platforms.

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Sticky notes

These are your digital piles of sticky notes and general cards.

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Trend cards

Mindmap with trends, create your future.

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User Interface Design Deck

Create smarter apps. Get creative with all technological possibilities.

Card decks
Knowledge as easy as sticky notes

Make everything as simple as sticky notes and literally put the options on the table. Work smarter with card decks from business development and trends to design. Together with templates they boost creativity and communication. Create things faster and visually. A card deck is like a pile of pre-filled smart sticky notes. Why?

  • Never get stuck, always have new input and options.
  • Improve communication with co-workers & clients.
  • Better collaboration with and involvement of stakeholders.
  • Save time and discussions while speeding up the decision process.
  • Good card decks are well tested, based on proven methods, optimized for best practices and work well with other tools.
  • Card decks improve offline & online workshops, presentations and education.
  • Card decks are a perfect medium to preserve and exchange knowledge within or between organizations and people.

Card decks can be used to boost creativity, communicate visually and teach methods. They work very well with templates.

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