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Blue Ocean 4 Actions Framework Canvas

The 4 Actions Framework is a strategic tool used to reconstruct customer value elements.


Business Model Canvas

Your business model - on one page

improved template smart English

Business Model Canvas Redesigned

Your Business Model on one page


Custom workshop

Feedback for design thinkers! Turn every image into an interactive workshop.


Easy Kanban Board

Organize anything with anyone in a visual way.

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Empathy Map

Profile your customer segments and better understand their world

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Golden Circle Design Template

Brainstorm your Why, How and What, define your Story scope and design things that work!

template English

Golden Circle Pitch Canvas

Start with the why and create a better pitch!


Job Story Board

Understand customer motivations, events and expectations.


Lean Canvas

Create your actionable & entrepreneur-focused business plan.

template smart English

Lean Canvas Redesigned

Your business model, optimized for Lean Startup.

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Personal Business Model Canvas

A One-Page Method for Reinventing Your Career

template smart English

Persona Template

Better understand your customers.

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Platform Business Model Canvas

Create business models for platforms and marketplaces

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Plan your project visually.


Service Blueprint Canvas

The service blueprint is a technique used for service innovation.


Social Media Strategy Canvas - What

Discover what to post on social media.


Team Canvas

Team Canvas - Team Building and Alignment Tool

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Trends Template

Make your business future-proof, plot trends together and create your future.

template restricted

Value Proposition Canvas

Create value for your customers.

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Value Proposition Design Template

Create great value propositions from a customers perspective.

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A digital whiteboard to clear your head and mindmap just about anything.

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The use of templates has sky-rocketed since the success of Business Model Canvas. Over the years, more than 200+ templates for various purposes have been added to Creatlr. Why?

  • Give everybody a clear overview of what you're doing.
  • Improve communication with co-workers & clients.
  • Better collaboration with and involvement of stakeholders.
  • Save time and discussions while speeding up the decision process.
  • Good templates are well tested, based on proven methods, optimized for best practices and work well with other tools.
  • Templates improve offline & online workshops, presentations and education.
  • Templates are a perfect medium to preserve and exchange knowledge within or between organizations and people.

Templates can be used to boost creativity, communicate visually and teach methods. They are visual templates to create ideas, strategies or other things together.

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