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Business Model Environment

Do you have your Business model all figured out? Look further, understand your business model environment and create future-proof strategies!


Change Management for Businesses

Explore new directions


Create your Pitch

Create better pitches for every idea, customer segment or product.


Mobile Application Design

Your toolkit to design and manage your mobile application projects


Platform Innovation Kit

Everything you need to create and design platforms and platform business models.


Pressure Cooker 2016

Put your idea in a pressure cooker and go!


Startup Strategy Toolkit

Everything you need to turn your idea into a startup!

Find the tools that fit your workflow!

Work smarter with over 50+ design thinking toolkits from project management and business development to design.

Each toolkit is a collection of design thinking tools that work well together. Toolkits usually have a theme, are similar, fit similar usecases or solve similar problems. Find toolkits that fit your workflow. Why?

  • Besides having a good team, the right tools are essential to success.
  • Improve communication with co-workers & clients.
  • Better collaboration with and involvement of stakeholders.
  • Save time and discussions while speeding up the decision process.
  • Good tools are well tested, based on proven methods, optimized for best practices and work well with other tools.
  • Toolkits improve offline & online collaboration, presentations and education.
  • Toolkits are a perfect medium to preserve and exchange knowledge within or between organizations and people.
  • Toolkits are perfect for standardizing processes, while preserving creativity.

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