Creatlr for Coaches

A plan for trainers, consultants and teachers

Collaborating with students, colleagues or clients can sometimes be a challenge. Creatlr for Teams can make your life a lot easier. Keep track of all group projects and tasks, offer one-click-support and save time with smart features like cloning to reuse, iterate and improve your work.

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Monitor tasks & progress visually, keep track of all group projects

Monitor tasks &
progress visually

Keep track of all group projects

Optimize performance and boost results of your teams. Creatlr for Teams enables you to monitor all group projects and tasks, keep track progress across projects visually and accommodate your teams in the best possible way. Right from your group dashboard.

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Clone projects to reuse work and prepare projects for clients & participants

Clone projects to reuse work and prepare projects for clients & participants

Are you in the business of reinventing the wheel over and over again? Stop wasting valuable time and best practices. Creatlr for Teams enables you to clone existing projects and reuse work as blueprints for other clients. Create and duplicate projects to give participants, students or startups a jump start.

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Advanced project analytics

Advanced project analytics

Gain insight in your teams expertise and the knowledge profile of your project, tasks and workshops. Understand team dynamics. Find out what expertise or tools might be missing (knowledge gaps). Discover experts, groups and visual thinking tools based on what your project needs.

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Offer one-click-support to students, participants or clients right from projects

Offer one-click-support to students, participants or clients right from projects

Coaching and collaborating often leads to questions, which lead to more questions (that need answering). Enable students, participants and clients to ask you questions right from their projects, tasks and workshops with one-click support.

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Creatlr Professional

Creatlr for Teams has everything to collaborate, teach, coach and train teams. Let's make your life - or at least your work - a little bit easier!

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License manager

Full flexibility

Manage your Creatlr Professional licenses and Creatlr Assistance. Enable your colleagues and clients to get the most out of every project. Allocate resources the smart way.

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Share projects as showcases & examples on your group profile

Have you developed a workflow that works? Do you want to share your knowledge and show this to new clients? Share your projects as public showcases right on your group profile!

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A plan for everybody

Creatlr is as flexible as you are. Keep it simple with our Free plan, or discover smart extras for different usecases.
Creatlr can scale with your team. Unlock visual thinking and get more work done in every situation.

Discover how to work smarter, take a tour of all extra features from each plan.

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