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Have you created a method before? Turned this into a tool for collaboration? Are you a toolkit designer? Creatlr offers you everything you need to create your own interactive templates & card decks. Turn your methods and best practices into visual design thinking tools. Share your knowledge, gain exposure and grow your network!

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Add your own custom tools

Add your own custom tools

Creatlr is a fully open platform. It's free for everyone to share tools with the Creatlr community.

We welcome every company, organization or initiative to add themselves to Creatlr as a group. Groups can add and share templates, card decks, collections and products. Gain exposure, share your toolkit and collaborate visually.

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Creatlr Card Deck Designer

Creatlr Card Deck Designer

Templates are great tools to give insight and overview. However, you still need the brains, books and ideas for proper use and get results.

Card decks bridge this gap. Visualize options, ideas, solutions, directions or even questions that help reach your goals. Design card decks with our easy to use Card Deck Designer. Use your decks in workshops. Share, ask feedback and improve with the community. Export, print and cut your work to prepare 'offline' workshops that work!

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Smart tutorials & smart elements

Smart tutorials & smart elements

With Creatlr for Teams you can make your templates and workshops more interactive. You and your group members will be able to add new types of cards at the workshop environment like progress bars and information cards (with tooltips)

It's also possible to pre-load cards and elements in every new workshop that is started with your template. Think about preset like textareas, progress bars or image upload areas to speed up your creativity and effectiveness of your templates.

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See who favorited your tools

See who favorited your tools

Expand your network. See who has marked your tools as favorite. Discover new clients and usecases.

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Sell & distribute card decks

Turn your knowledge into revenue

Together with a number of partners we have a lot of experience with visual toolkits, possible revenue streams, do's and don'ts. We are happy to let you learn from us, show some examples, open doors and connect you with partners that can help you sell & distribute your work.

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Tool analytics

How does your tool perform? Who uses your tools? Gain insights into how people use your tool. We are currently working on a dashboard that will answer these questions so that you can further improve the tools to give users even more results in the future!

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Offer one-click-assistance to every user of your tool(s) right from their workshops

Offer one-click-assistance to every user of your tool(s) right from their workshops

Offer assistance to people that use your tools. Enable a clean contact form at the bottom-right of every workshop that uses your template. Receive questions, compliments, feedback and requests directly via e-mail. Grow your network, learn from peers and improve your tools!

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Creatlr is as flexible as you are. Keep it simple with our Free plan, or discover smart extras for different usecases.
Creatlr can scale with your team. Unlock visual thinking and get more work done in every situation.

Discover how to work smarter, take a tour of all extra features from each plan.

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