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Storyminers was founded in 2002 to help organizations improve their overall performance by improving their experiences. Storyminers has introduced many innovations that help businesses discover their own brand, find new revenue streams, and identify their best-fit customers through storytelling and experience/service design.

Storyminers has an extensive partner ecosystem composed of specialists in many creative disciplines: service/tech/design companies, production/media/event companies and with similar firms to handle fluxes in work volume. Each partner adheres to a standard commercial code and also subscribes to Governing Principles which focus on non-commercial-but-important topics like partnering, outcomes, issue handling, learning, growth, etc.

Storyminers has significant experience in retail, telecom, hospitality, and other service industries characterized by frequent contact between customers and employees, creeping consumer expectations, and ever-changing technology platforms. We are specialists in personalization and ‘fitted solutions’. Our journey mapping clients include: Transitions, Clorox, PNC, Blackrock, Teleflora, SOHO Hero, iPay Technologies, Piedmont Hospital, LeasePlan, PartnerTech, Habasit, and many others.

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