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We believe visual thinking changes how people work and should be accessible to everybody. We also believe that collaborating with colleagues and clients should never force them into paid plans. Creatlr Free never expires, gives you all the basic solutions and access to all public tools. It's great for basic project management, visual thinking, creative teams, startups & organizations.

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Because everybody
is a visual thinker!



3 projects

Creatlr Free gives you 3 projects to get creative with colleagues and clients. Work together visually with unlimited team members and an unlimited amount of workshops, tasks and discussions.

Unlimited team members

You can add unlimited team members to every project. Collaboration is something you do together, so no bumping into walls here. Simple.

Unlimited workshops

Add as much workshops 'as you can eat'. Basic workshops and collaboration is completely free with the Creatlr Free plan.

Project management for visual thinkers

Project management
for visual thinkers

Manage your projects and progress in a visual language your team and clients can understand. Adapt your projects to every scenario with kanban views, timelines, evidence boards and turn your work into visual keynotes in one click.

Unlimited workshops

Unlimited workshops

Collaborate without boundaries, add unlimited workshops to your projects.

Organize your thoughts visually with over 200+ templates and card decks. Find the tools you love with our powerful search engine. Always have your favorite tools ready for action at your personal profile.

All plans

Free forever,
no sneaky trial periods

Don't worry, we will never take away your free account and lock your valuable work until you pay. Your free account will remain free forever.

Creatlr Free
Create custom group URLs

Create custom group URLs

Helping initiatives like yours is the main reason why we build Creatlr. Make sharing and working in your groups easier with custom group URLs.

All plans
Add your own custom tools

Add your own custom tools

Creatlr is a fully open platform. It's free for everyone to share tools with the Creatlr community.

We welcome every company, organization or initiative to add themselves to Creatlr as a group. Groups can add and share templates, card decks, collections and products. Gain exposure, share your toolkit and collaborate visually.

All plans

A plan for everybody

Creatlr is as flexible as you are. Keep it simple with our Free plan, or discover smart extras for different usecases.
Creatlr can scale with your team. Unlock visual thinking and get more work done in every situation.

Discover how to work smarter, take a tour of all extra features from each plan.

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Every used a sticky note?

Hi visual thinker!

Every used a sticky note before? Creatlr enables you to do this on any device, anywhere with your teams and clients!

Just what I was looking for!