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Everything you need for visual thinking & doing!

Are you a visual thinker? Do you sketch or use sticky notes to get on the same page with clients? The Creatlr Professional plan brings you everything you need to collaborate with clients and colleagues. Create customized creative environments, think visually and create more in less time!

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Unlimited projects & teams

Creatlr Professional gives you unlimited projects to get creative with colleagues and clients. That means limitless collaboration with projects, workshops, tasks and discussions.

NOTE: Unlimited features are subject to our fair use policy.

Advanced workshops

Get more ways to express yourself visually. Brainstorm with sketches, upload images or share videos. Every brainstorm can be exported and downloaded as a PDF or other formats to deliver work to clients or print.

Advanced group features

Have solutions ready for working in larger teams. Manage more projects, send reminders and mailings, offer one-click-support and add your branding to groups and projects. Design creative environments that work!

Instantly create deliverables, export digital workshops as PDF

Instantly create deliverables

Export digital workshops as PDF

Working with Creatlr saves you the trouble of turning your ideas and brainstorms into deliverables. Professional templates together with your thoughts result in inspiring infographics. Every digital workshop and its information can be exported as a PDF with just the push of a button.

Creatlr Professional
Live collaboration at workshops

Live collaboration at workshops

Make remote collaboration work. Collaborate in real-time with colleagues and clients around the world. Keep your workshops in sync across screens with the 'live' feature.

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Branded projects

Branded projects

We believe that effective visual thinking is only possible by bringing people together. Creatlr helps you to design this experience. Design the look and feel of projects and creative environments with your branding or inspiration. Apply branding from any of your groups. Easy and professional.

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Custom project themes

Custom project themes

Customize your Creatlr environment and projects with project themes and creative visuals. Upload your own backgrounds or choose from our library to create inspiring environments that boost creativity!

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Create video & image cards

Create video & image cards

"One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

Why are we using so much words to describe simple things? Express yourselves visually with videos from YouTube and Vimeo, upload image to cards, add URLs to cards or try other possibilities to visualize your thoughts at digital workshops.

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Project management for visual thinkers

Project management
for visual thinkers

Manage your projects and progress in a visual language your team and clients can understand. Adapt your projects to every scenario with kanban views, timelines, evidence boards and turn your work into visual keynotes in one click.

A plan for everybody

Creatlr is as flexible as you are. Keep it simple with our Free plan, or discover smart extras for different usecases.
Creatlr can scale with your team. Unlock visual thinking and get more work done in every situation.

Discover how to work smarter, take a tour of all extra features from each plan.

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Every used a sticky note?

Hi visual thinker!

Every used a sticky note before? Creatlr enables you to do this on any device, anywhere with your teams and clients!

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