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Visual & remote collaboration that works

Get on the same page, structure your thoughts and create more visually!
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Unlimited projects

5 projects

Unlimited team members / project

5 team members

Unlimited workshops

Project views

Switch between agile/scrum, timeline, list or presentation views

Project themes

Basic project accessibility

You decide if your work is public or private

Live collaboration at workshops

Clone workshops

Backup, iterate or simply make snapshots with workshop cloning.

Export workshops

Export your work as a PDF, PNG, CSV or Excel

Add video's & images to workshops

Create custom workshops

Brainstorm on top of photo's, mockups, sketches or any other image


Create and add sketches at workshops

Project branding & custom project themes

Advanced project management

Time-savers and productivity boosters for project managers, consultants, coaches & trainers

Advanced project accessibility

Read-only access to your groups with colleagues, coaches or clients

Monitor tasks & progress visually

Keep track of all group projects

Send e-mail messages to all your project teams

Keep an open line of communication with project teams that are linked to your groups.

Clone projects

Create new projects by using existing projects as a blueprint. Great to prepare projects for teams. Probably our biggest time-saver

Advanced project analytics


Offer one-click-support to students, participants or clients right from their projects, tasks & workshops

The world's largest visual thinking community

Discover over 200+ visual thinking tools. Find, create and share the tools that fit your workflow. Connect with experts and grow your network.

Access to 200+ visual thinking tools

The largest collection of workshop templates, card decks and collections by the community, ready for online use!

Download, print & prepare offline workshops

Download tools in PDF format, print and get creative!

Build your personal collection with favorites

Your favorite templates and card decks will always be one click away when working on projects and workshops!

Grow your network

Search, follow and connect with other visual thinkers

Create & share your own tools

Creatlr is a fully open platform. It's free for everyone to share tools with the Creatlr community. Add, design and share templates, card decks, collections and products. Gain exposure, share your collection and collaborate visually.

Create your own templates

Create your own card decks

Create decks for online & offline use with Creatlr Card Deck Designer

Create your own collections of templates & decks

Create one-pagers / websites of your products & services

Tool accessibility

You decide if your work is public or private (only accessible by the group)

Create interactive templates with assistance from our team

Create templates with preloaded interactive elements like smart tutorials, tooltips, progress bars, image uploads, textareas, etc.


Offer one-click-assistance to every user of your tool(s) right from their workshops

Download & print your card deck as a PDF spread

Print your own brainstorm tool

Download your products & services as a PDF brochure coming soon

Security & privacy

We take data privacy and security seriously for every user, free or on a paid plan.

Secure connection & encryption

TLS/SSL, 128-bit AES encryption, TLS v1.2.

Encrypted daily backups

Just in case.

Full control over your own data

You're in control. When you press delete, we do not secretly keep a copy.

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Express yourself. Collaborating visually in teams turns every meeting into a creative brainstorm. Get ready for more creativity in less time!

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