DIY workshop


You are free to use the workshop blueprint and steps on this page. Visualize your workflow or help others to think visually. Ideate, create and share new workshop materials.

1/2 day

€ 499,-

Sketch your workflow, discover the tools you need & sketch new tools and concepts.

1 day

€ 899,-

Sketch your workflow, discover the tools you need & sketch new tools and concepts. More time means we can get more into detail.

Think visually, translate knowledge into visual tools!

This interactive workshop aims to connect partners, create workshop materials and share knowledge.


  • Connect and get to know partners
  • Get insight into workflows and best practices
  • Discover available workshop materials that fit the partner workflow
  • Create new workshop materials
  • Enable the partner to think visually with colleagues and clients
  • Turn knowledge into revenue streams and exposure


  1. Visualize partner workflow
  2. Explore existing tools that fit the partner workflow
  3. Find and fill in the gaps by brainstorming and sketching new workshop material concepts
  4. Make a plan (roadmap) to prioritize and turn concepts into workshop materials
  5. Develop high quality workshop materials with our 'design principles' and extensive sketch database
  6. Adding this to creates a unique 'visual thinking toolkit' for every partner

Who's this for?

This workshop is perfectly suitable for:

  • SMEs and large enterprises that want to innovate and think visually
  • Universities, knowledge institutions, or other learning environments

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