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Workshop / Training - The fastest way to start-up or get insights.

1 day

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Workshop / Training - Get from idea to startup or innovate in a very fast and fun way.

Strategy Subscription

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Weekly / monthly / quarterly - Creating strategies and innovating is not a one-time-thing. Let's go on a journey together!

In an interactive workshop we will help you to turn your idea into concepts and build a strategy and pitch to get started!


  • Discover if your idea is startup-worthy
  • Find out why your business doesn't work (or can be better)
  • Translate ideas into products & services that customers want
  • Create recurring and scalable business models
  • Create pitches that work!
  • Learn how to use the methods and visual tools yourself to keep innovating in the future. True knowledge sharing.


  1. What's the basic idea?
  2. Get to know your users / customers
  3. Create value propositions from a customers perspective
  4. Search for scalable and recurring business models
  5. Create a pitch. This could be a general pitch, a seperate pitch for every customer segment, or an investors pitch.

These are the very basics of a startup. It's essential to take your pitch for a testdrive and see if you have something to work with!


Depending on the length of the session, or progress we can take detours:

  • Create scenarios, personas or customer journeys to better understand your customer (green line)
  • Co-create! Involve users and customers in the design/development process. (red line, south)
  • Define your strategy and roadmap
  • Future-proof your strategy by looking at key trends, (purple line, north).
  • Trends can also serve as input for innovation, concepts and new business development. (red line, north)
  • Future-proof your strategy by looking at other forces around your business model. We call this the business model environment. (purple line, south)

Who's this for?

This workshop is perfect for

  • Startups (to be)
  • SMEs (small and medium enterprises)
  • Large enterprises that want to innovate like (lean) startups
  • Universities, or other learning environments
  • Events or keynotes

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