Companies, organizations, events, teams or groups that Niels Hoogendoorn is a part of.

Coaching beyond cultures Group

Consultancy of training traject Group

Creatlr Company

The design thinking platform.

Creatlr - Ambassador brainstorms Team

Getting the word out. Hi ambassador!

Creatlr - Research & Development Team

We help you create

Creatlr - Training & seminars Team

All about training, facilitating and seminars Organization

Wij maken crowdfunding weer leuk!

Definition of Flock Group


Eluced Organization

Realise your expectations

Eluced Innovatie management Group


Grant Thornton Company

Ikbendiezijn Design Organization

Visual strategies, workshops & design

KPN Consulting - Service Innovation by Eluced Training

Een training die geen training is!!!

McKinsey demo Group

McKinsey Session Training

Saxion - Visual design thinking Training

Visual design thinking met Creatlr

SoWeDisrupt Organization

Sociale en Disruptieve zaken

Storyfountain Company

Work that deserves a spotlight

SvdJ 2016 - Pressure Cooker 4 Event

Pressure Cooker Deel 4

SvdJ Pressure Cooker 2015 Event

SvdJ Pressure Cooker 2016 Event

The Concept Brewers Company

Turn ideas to life. Tasty!

Wedesignthinking Company

Accelerate innovation visually.

WorkflowTube Company

Get your team on track

Every used a sticky note?

Hi visual thinker!

Every used a sticky note before? Creatlr enables you to do this on any device, anywhere with your teams and clients!

Just what I was looking for!