Creatlr Toolkit development

We can help you turn your knowledge into hands-on tools.

Discovery session

Tool discovery & ideation with coffee!

From € 499 / workshop
We developed a workshop perfect for toolkit creation.
  • Visualize your workflow
  • Discover the tools you need
  • Sketch new tools and concepts.
  • Your ditigal toolkit with existing tools in Creatlr
  • A clear plan on what to do next

Business session

Turn your tools into revenue streams

From € 499 / workshop
A creative session where we design the business behind your tools & ambitions.
  • Visualize possible revenue streams & business models
  • Learn about Creative Commons and how to license your tools
  • A clear understanding of possible revenue streams and appropriate licenses and their relation
  • Business scenarios that will help you choose the right strategy
  • Know-how that's essential for toolkit designers

Toolkit design

Template, card deck and workflow development.

From € 399 / tool
We create design thinking toolkits for organizations. Our design principles and sketch database result in high quality templates, card decks and workflow visuals that work!
  • The first (or next) iteration of the tool
  • A PDF for download and print
  • The digital tool in, including smart elements, ready to use
  • An artist impression for marketing / sharing purposes

Add your own tools

Add your own custom tools to Creatlr for free.

We are an open platform. It's free for everyone to share tools with the Creatlr community. Even though we offer a lot of services to help you design and market your tools, you can always do things yourselves.

Note: Some advanced options are only available for Creatlr staff. Examples are Smart tutorials and interactive elements like sliders, text boxes, etc. Please contact us if you'd like some help.

All prices excl. VAT, shipment and travel expenses.

Non-profits can apply for a 20% discount.

Create more in less time.
Turn your knowledge into hands-on tools

Create your own design thinking toolkit

Can we help you turn your expertise into design thinking tools?

We help organizations by creating design thinking toolkits. This way organizations can collaborate more efficiently and create more with colleagues and clients. Example are mindmapping trends, brainstorming with design & concept creation, or creating better business and marketing strategies in a more visual way.

We have a 3-step program to create toolkits.

  1. Ideate
    We've created a workshop to create workflows, find existing tools that fit your workflow and create new tools (ideate).
  2. Create
    The next step is to turn the ideas, concepts & sketches into actual tools. Tools can be templates (also known as canvases, posters, boards & maps) and card decks. Our sketch database and design principles result in high quality tools that work.
  3. Share
    The created tools are added to Creatlr and can be used for remote & ditigal collaboration. Templates are also available for download to prepare offline workshops in minutes. The client (organization) has control over the accessibility of the tools. They can be used privately, or can be shared publicly.

It's also possible to skip steps. When skipping step 1, we assume that you've already got existing templates or card decks that needs to be redesigned, or at least a very clear concept. We will use this input to visualize the templates or card deck and turn them into digital tools.

Templates & card decks are perfect for training, creative workshops and improve communication and creativity.

Add your own content

Creatlr is a fully open platform. We welcome every company, organization or initiative to add themselves to Creatlr as a group. Groups can add and share templates, card decks, collections and products. Gain exposure, share your toolkit and collaborate visually.

Add template Add card deck Add toolkits Add product or service
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- The Creatlr team

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