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Dear user,

As of the 1st of October 2020, - the online design thinking platform - will discontinue. Users can continue to use Creatlr until September 30, 2020.

Since its launch in 2014, Creatlr has evolved into a worldwide community with growing functionality. We launched with workshops, soon added project management and expanded the community in steady pace. These added layers of functionality resulted in a learning curve that was getting steeper for new users. Layers that are already in place in most organizations through other solutions. The core of our existence - an open, accessible platform for visual thinkers to share and collaborate with visual design thinking tools - became harder to live up to.

What does this mean for me?

Unfortunately, team collaboration, projects and workshops will be discontinued. To continue your work after October 1, 2020, we would like to refer to alternatives like online whiteboard platforms. Until September 30, you will continue to have access to your projects and workshops to make for a smooth transition.

*So what’s next? *

We are going back to basics. Launching September 1, 2020, Canvas Generation makes sharing of visual thinking tools - on your terms - even more open and accessible. provides an open alternative to closed platforms for:

  • Thinkers - An open library to find Visual Design Thinking tools for every challenge.
  • Creators - An open platform to share Visual Design Thinking tools on your terms.
  • Developers - An open API to integrate Visual Design Thinking tools in your application.

We will assist users that created publicly shared canvases (creators) on Creatlr to migrate these to Canvas Generation. Creators will receive a separate invitation to manage their tools.

Our new journey

The past years - and especially during these hard times - we’ve seen a growing demand to apply Visual Thinking more extensively in organizations, projects, project communication and sales. To better aid this growing demand - and besides Canvas Generation - we are starting a new platform called WorkflowTube - Project & Team onboarding. WorkflowTube will be document-based with Workflows, Brainstorms, Storyboards and Slides as file types of the future! will come with an integration to Canvas Generation which enables access to the Canvas library from within your documents.

WorkflowTube will focus on Presentation and Communication and is different from Creatlr in every way. Therefore users and data are not migrated to our new solution. We do welcome you to discover if WorkflowTube suits your needs and are happy to welcome you back as a valued user or customer.


What will happen with my user account and data?

All Creatlr user accounts and user data will not be accessible from 1st of October 2020 and will be deleted.

What will happen with my Creatlr Professional licenses?

All subscriptions and licenses will automatically end on September 30, 2020. Until that time users and clients can fully access their account and data. Refunds will be handled by us where allegeable.

Will I still be able to collaborate with my team until October 1st?

Yes. Everything will continue to work as expected. Even new team members will still be able to register or can be invited right into your projects.

More Q&A can be found here

Creative regards,

Team Creatlr

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