Privacy by Design and Default, what is that?


Support GDPR Privacy by Design and Default, what is that?

Privacy by Design and Default, what is that?

Sure! Here are some examples of Privacy by Design and Default at Creatlr. By the way, all examples below were already in place before GDPR from May 25th.

We don't ask information we don't need.

All we need from users to signup is a name and an e-mail address. No social signup with information leaking behind your back of any sort.

An open platform without boundaries or obligations.

You decide what to share and what features you want to use. For example, if you want to be social on Creatlr, you can complete your profile. If you decide to only use Creatlr as a productivity tool, we don't need your profile information.

Your data, your call.

Everything you add to Creatlr can either be set to public or private (default). From projects or groups to templates or collections, you are in control of accessibility.

Minimize third party scripts.

We always try to avoid the need for third party scripts. This means for example there are no Facebook, Twitter or other social javascripts loading on Creatlr. Videos from Youtube or Vimeo do load, but only after you decide to watch and click in an iframe. Google Analytics information is being anonimized and is not loaded at all in projects, workshops and tasks.

What's gone is gone.

We don't secretly keep your data after you decide to remove it. If you decide to delete your account, recovery is impossible.

What can't be deleted will be anonimized.

For example, deleting comments from a discussion will affect discussions as a whole. Therefore, the comment sender (you) will be detached from the comment itself.

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