What is the 'expert profile' at the bottom?

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Support Profile What is the 'expert profile' at the bottom?

What is the 'expert profile' at the bottom?

When you use Creatlr and like tools that fit your workflow, an expert profile is created. This is a visualization of your expertise and the knowledge behind the tools you use. It's useful for a number of reasons.

  • You can show people your expertise. Kind of like a visual CV.
  • It helps create multi-disciplinary teams with experts from different backgrounds.
  • It enables others to find you when searching for certain experts.
  • It gives you and your organization awareness of what you (might) know and what you'd like to learn in the future.
  • It lets you search for tools or other experts, just by clicking each part of the expert profile.

Why 9 expertise categories?

The categories are part of a 2 years study where we asked experts from different industries how they would categorize the knowledge and expertise they use. This lead to industry-independent categories that apply for everybody, which is very important for sharing knowledge.

E.g. every company needs things like 'business development' or 'project management', no matter what industry you're in.

Everything that you do fits in one or multiple categories. Because we are a social network and a productivity tool combined, it's very easy for us to create these profiles for tools, teams and experts.

Why? We believe that matching experts to the right experts and tools in a simple, elegant an understandable way is essential to what we want to achieve: Make it easier for people to find the right tools and experts.

Wow, isn't that scary?

Actually, no.

Because of how Creatlr is build, we don't need big data, third parties and intrusive profiling to do what we do. What you see is all that there's to it. The only profiling we do is by using metadata and is solely used to help you understand your expertise levels, enable you to find the right tools and experts and to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration worldwide.

What if I don't want this?

That's alright. All you need to do is not like any of the tools and thus not build your visual thinking toolkit on your profile. When there's nothing on your profile, Creatlr will stop analyzing and updating your expert profile.

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