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What happens when I favorite a tool?

When you like a tool and press the favorite button, it's added to your profile > favorites. Unlike profiles at other social networks, your Creatlr profile acts as your personal Visual Thinking Toolkit.

Why would I want that?

You can build your personal Visual Thinking Toolkit for different reasons:

  • The tools you like, all in one place
  • Add all your tools to (new) workspaces in seconds to kickstart your project
  • Show what you know, share your favorite tools with friends and co-workers
  • Build multi-disciplinary teams by looking at their expert profile and tools
  • Never get stuck, always have a creative exercise ready to start at any time.

Bottom-line is that toolkits:

  • Save time
  • Boost creativity
  • Make every workshop more effective
  • Speed up training new colleagues or students
  • Make knowledge from within every organization transferable and applicable.

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