Why would I follow other experts on Creatlr?

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Why would I follow other experts on Creatlr?

Following people on Creatlr can be done for a lot of different reasons:

  • People you follow (and the tools they like) are easier to find
  • Every tool in Creatlr will show the people that like this tool from your network. This makes it easier to know what tools your colleagues and friends use.
  • Seeing the relationships between tools and your network enables you to collaborate with the right people and create better teams
  • The previous reasons combined will lead to better teams, more innovation and hopefully, you being happy!

There is another important reason. When you follow someone and he or she follows you back, you're a match!

What does it mean when I have a match?

"Well, it's kind of like Tinder...but different."

Matches are interested in eachother. Whether you are colleagues, friends, or curious about someone, these are all very good reasons to collaborate more. That's exactly what we will help you with:

  • Create teams in seconds by selecting Matching experts. These will show up in a list when you're trying to add experts to your workspace team.
  • Add someone to a team from their profile. When someone's a match, a new button will appear on their profile enabling you to add him or her to a team.
  • Contact details will be unlocked. This makes it easier to meet in real life, not only on Creatlr. It's also one of the ways we avoid spam and put you in control of who sees your contact details.

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