Does Creatlr integrate with other platforms I use?

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Support General Does Creatlr integrate with other platforms I use?

Does Creatlr integrate with other platforms I use?

At the moment, Creatlr doesn't integrate with other platforms like Trello, Basecamp or Podio. You can however, add video's from Youtube and Vimeo to workspaces and online workshops. Similar to videos, embedding slideshares is also as easy as copy-pasting the url. It's also possible to embed online workshops in any website you like by copy-pasting the generated embed code of every public workshop.

Will Creatlr have integrations in the future?

Yes. We are an open platform, so these features are on our roadmap. This means deeper integrations will be added both ways. We will expand the possibilities to add content from other platforms to workspaces and workshops. By following standards, we will open up our API and let you use and connect your favorite tools!

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