What are the template guidelines?

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What are the template guidelines?

We have guidelines to ensure that templates can be properly used within Creatlr.

  • Only upload the 'brainstorm area' of your template. This is the area where the sticky notes should be used.
  • Make sure to upload the template image without header and footer.
  • Adding branding to the 'brainstorm area' is considered bad practice. It's a tool, not a billboard.
  • The header, footer and branding can be added to the downloadable PDF.
  • Combining the header and footer usually gives you a 'brainstorm area' that is about 11% bigger.

Upload an image with dimensions 1750x1050, 2100x1260, 2800x1680 or 3500x2100. This size gives the best result on Full-HD screens and PDF export features for Premium users.

What are the template guidelines?
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Why isn't it possible to automatically slice the header and footer?

We can't. Every template has different headers, footers and sizes. It's impossible for us to do this automatically.

Another reason is to stimulate toolkit designers to optimize their template designs for online use. Tablet, laptop and PC screens are usually smaller compared to a printed A0 - A3 template. It's good practice to see if an online template should be optimized.

What file types can I upload at templates and card decks?

The brainstorm area will be used in the online workshop environment. You can upload the following filetypes:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF

The downloadable template needs to be uploaded in PDF format.

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