What's changed since GDPR?


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What's changed since GDPR?

Well, actually not a lot. Most things in the GDPR framework were already in place with European regulation prior to May 25th. Plus, we already applied so called 'Privacy by Design' principles.

The biggest change for us is that we need to be more transparent about how we protect your data, how we use it and what it is exactly that we know about you. And this is not much.

As said, most changes improve communication about what we already did. However, we also added some new privacy tools. Here are some examples for every 'right' from GDPR:

Right to Access

We created a tool to access your personal data.

Right to be Forgotten

It as already possible to delete everything from tools and projects to your entire account.

Right to Portability

It was already possible to export your workshops. In addition we created a tool to export your personal data.

Right to Rectification

Almost everything on Creatlr is User-Generated content and can be edited by it's respective creators, owners, managers or team members.

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