Why would I choose Creatlr over other tools?

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Why would I choose Creatlr over other tools?

There are a lot of great productivity tools and platforms out there. Examples are Strategyzr, Trello, Murally, Realtimeboard, Blankcanvas and Yammer. These collaboration tools all do a piece of what we're doing (and honestly, they are doing it very well).

We have a different approach. Instead of needing a lot of different tools to perform simple things, we believe it's better and more effective to combine the things you really need in one platform. Kind of like a Swiss army knife instead of a drawer full of different knifes.

In Creatlr, the following things are smoothly integrated to keep things simple and get the most out of everything.

  1. Visual thinking
  2. Collaboration
  3. Knowledge sharing
  4. Toolkit development

These are all very social things. That is why we are an open social platform with visual thinking tools (explore) and a productivity tool (create) combined.

So why would I need other tools?

That depends on your needs and what you'd like to achieve. Most other platforms have very specific use-cases and specialize in them. For example, most people that use Microsoft Word only use about 10% of the features. If you are a specialist looking for special needs, you probably need other tools besides Creatlr. We are constantly looking for the sweet-spot of features everybody likes to use. That's probably the reason why our users cancel a lot of other subscriptions and save time and money with Creatlr.

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