Why would I want to do workshops online?

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Why would I want to do workshops online?

First, we don't think online workshops are a replacement for offline workshops. Getting experts together in the same room for offline workshops has major benefits.

Online workshops have their own benefits like:

  • Being able to work long distance,
  • Summarize and archive your offline workshops,
  • Share your work to get feedback from others and
  • Online workshops can also be used to have interactive sessions during presentations and keynotes.

We also see more hybrid forms where online and offline are used side by side. Examples:

  • Having tutorials or card decks on tablets while facilitating offline workshops can be a big help.
  • Also if you need a template during a workshop that you don't have with you on print, it's always available online.

Every user has their own reasons, so the bottom-line is to choose what form of collaboration you think works best in every situation.

Why would I want to do workshops online?

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