How to add your visual thinking tools to Creatlr

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After this tutorial you can add your templates, card decks and toolkits to Creatlr.

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Add an organization

New tools can only be added to organizations. Therefore you need to add your organization. It gives you the opportunity to work together with colleagues and co-workers on your tools. If you're already part of an organization, go to your profile, select the 'organizations' tab and choose the organization where you want to add tools.

Turn on edit mode

After you've added your organization, you see your organization page. In the top right corner you'll find the 'edit mode' toggle. Make sure it's blue (on). The edit mode gives you more options to customize your page and to add tools.

Add tools

Make sure the 'tools' tab is active. There are 4 big buttons located at the bottom of your page.

You can add:

  • Templates - Also known as canvases, maps or posters.
  • Card decks - Pre-filled sticky notes. Great to use on top of templates!
  • Toolkits - Collections of existing templates and card decks
  • Products & Services - Show what you do best. You need Creatlr Premium to add your products & services.

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