How to create a workspace team

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After this tutorial you know how to create teams to collaborate with in workspaces.

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Log in or sign up first

Before you can continue, you need to be logged in to your account first.

Go to a workspace

You can find your workspaces under 'Create' in the main navigation. Go to a workspace, or create a new one.

Click '+ Expert'

This opens up a modal where you have two options:

  1. Add matching experts (when you follow each other).
  2. Add an expert by e-mail address. The expert doesn't need to have a Creatlr account. New users will receive an invite from you and find the workspace on their dashboard after they sign up.

It's possible to select multiple team members at once and create large teams in seconds.

Adding matching experts is the easiest way to collaborate and create teams. It's one of the benefits of following experts on Creatlr.

Alternative: Add experts from their profile page

Another way to add people to your workspaces is by going to their profile. If you follow each other, the button 'Add to team' appears.

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