Right to be Forgotten - How to delete my account?

Tutorial GDPR

Creatlr is an open community where Users are in control of their own data.

Shared data

All of what we call User-Generated content (UGC) - the content you can add to Creatlr - has always been accessible and editable. Most of this UGC content is managed by a group or team. This is what we call 'shared data'.

Examples are projects, workshops or tasks, but also templates, card decks, collections and products that you can create with your group, but also delete. To delete something, you need to be in the group or team that is linked to the content. Just go to the content you want to delete > settings > advanced (most of the times) > delete.

Personal data

Your personal data is linked to your account / profile. If for whatever reason you'd like to 'be forgotten' and delete your account, here's what you need to do:

Support GDPR Right to be Forgotten - How to delete my account?

Log in or sign up first

Before you can continue, you need to be logged in to your account first.

Log in

Of course, we need to be sure you're you.

Go to your settings

Press the button below, or navigate to settings by pressing your name in the top navigation and click settings.

Go to 'Advanced settings'

Find and click 'advanced settings' in the subnavigation.

Press 'Delete my account'

IMPORTANT: you can only delete your account if you have no projects.

If you have projects that are linked to you, you will be asked to delete yourself from all project team(s), hand over control to another owner, or delete the project(s) first. After this is done, redo the steps above (or refresh the 'delete my account' page) and confirm.

If you don't have projects left, press confirm.

Done! Your account is deleted.

Your account is deleted immediately. We do have system backups that can contain your data for a maximum period of 1 month. After this period, you have been 'forgotten'.

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