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The Strategy Check Canvas is a core strategic tool used in Blue Ocean Strategy. It was created by Prof. W. Chan Kim and Prof. Renee Mauborgne.

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The challenge in exploiting the blue ocean market you’ve created is to build a robust business model that will enable you to profit from your idea. In doing this, it’s important to get your strategic sequence right as you flesh out and then validate the commercial viability of your blue ocean idea. If you get this sequence right, your business model risks will be reduced.


In this canvas, potential Blue Ocean ideas must pass through a sequence of (1) buyer utility, (2) price, (3) costs and (4) adoption. At each step there are only 2 options: a “yes” answer, in which case the idea may pass on to the next step, or “no”.

If an idea receives a no at any point, don’t go any further. You can either park the idea or need to rethink until you get a YES.

The first 2 steps assure that you create a leap in the net buyer value. The 3rd step is to determine whether there’s profitability and the last step addresses possible adoption hurdles. (by definition, a Blue Ocean idea might threaten the status quo)

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Testing for Exceptional Utility. The buyer utility canvas highlights the 6 key utility levers felt by customer across the 8 stages of the buyer experience cycle from the product/service you offer.

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Plot the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Make your organization, project (or even yourself) future-proof!

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You need to build your Blue Ocean Strategy in the right sequence to be successful.


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