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Plot the umfelt of your clients, partners, customers or other stakeholders.


This canvas can help to quickly draft a schematic approach before further developing a persona. It could be useful to sketch what drives a persona and to which influences it will respond.

  1. Persona - Define a persona or character to represent target groups or client segments
  2. Business Field > Client side - Define the client umfelt (clients of the client, goals, rules/regulations, rough trends etc.)
  3. I the heart, in the mind - Define what drives, motivates, triggers or otherwise leads the persona to perceive information
  4. Business Field - Define to which stakeholders the persona will have relations. These can contain influences in the persona's decision process as well
  5. Done - Next step, plot the persona onto the Golden Circle Pitch Canvas to further develop the depth of the profile

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Plot the umfelt of your clients, partners, customers or other stakeholders.


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