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Based on the Business Model Canvas from Business Model Generation and Strategyzer.

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The Business Model Canvas has helped millions of people around the world design better businesses. Just like your business, tools should be improved, up-to-date and reinvented. That's why we developed a sketch database and design principles to help organizations do this. The Business Model Canvas Redesigned is our effort to continuously improve the usability, effectiveness and UX of the business model canvas. We aligned the design with how our clients and users collaborate and communicate with the Business Model Canvas.

  • 30% larger building blocks at the smallest bottlenecks
  • 11% more space for your thoughts by merging the header and footer
  • All building block sizes are better balanced
  • No more thinking inside boxes, an open design reflects the connectedness of choices
  • Sketches tell the story and links between all parts of your Business Model
  • Interactive tooltips show the questions you need to ask, only if you need this. No more clutter of text, more space for your thoughts
  • Free to download and use in offline workshops
  • Free to use in online workshops on Creatlr

Besides this redesign, you will still be able to use the original Business Model Canvas from Business Model Generation and Strategyzer on as well. Choice is good, right?

More information

The Business Model Canvas Redesigned is developed by Wedesignthinking. Read more at - English - Nederlands


This template has interactive tutorial tooltips. Hover over the quotes in the online workshop environment and discover what questions to ask at every building block.

The Business Model Canvas is split into nine segments, the building blocks of your business. Even if you haven’t owned or run a company before, these nine key factors are easily understood. The business model card deck in the online workshop environment explains your options visually.

  1. Customer Segments - For whom are we creating value? Who are our most important customers?
  2. Value Propositions - What value, products or services do we deliver to each Customer Segment?
  3. Channels - Which Channels are best to reach each Customer Segments?
  4. Customer Relationships - How do we establish and maintain a good Customer Relationship with each Customer Segment?
  5. Key Resources - What key resources do our Value Propositions, distribution Channels, Customer Relationships and Revenue Streams require?
  6. Key Activities - What key activities do our Value Propositions, distribution Channels, Customer Relationships and Revenue Streams require?
  7. Key Partnerships - Who are our Key Partners and suppliers? Which Key Resources and Activities can be acquired from partners?
  • Revenue Streams - For what value are our customers really willing to pay? How do they (prefer to) pay?
  • Cost Structure - What are the most important costs inherent in our Business Model?

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The Business Model Canvas Reversed Easy is similar to the original Business Model Canvas by Business Model Generation. Where the original canvas is designed from a business and resource point of vi...

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- Wedesignthinking

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