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A One-Page Method for Reinventing Your Career.


How to use the personal business model canvas in a nutshell:

  1. Draft your first Personal Business Model
  2. Reflect and Identify Pain Points
  3. Reinvent
  4. Act

Who you help

For whom do you create Value? Who is your most important Customer? Who depends on your work in order to get their own jobs done? Who are your Customers' Customers?

How you help

What Value do you deliver to Customers? What problem do you solve or need do you satisfy? Describe specific benefits Customers enjoy as a result of your work.

How they know you & how you deliver

Through which Channels do your Customers want to be reached? How are you reaching them now? Which Channels work best?

How you interact

What kinds of relationships do your Customers expect you to establish and maintain with them? Describe the types of relationships you have in place now.

Who you are & what you have

What do you get most excited about at work? Rank your preferences: Do you like dealing primarily with

  1. people
  2. information/ideas, or
  3. physical objects/outdoor work?

Describe a couple of your abilities (things you do naturally without effort) and a few of your skills (things you've learned to do). List some of your other resources:

  • personal network,
  • reputation,
  • experience,
  • physical capabilities,
  • etc.

What you do

List several critical activities you perform at work each day that distinguish your occupation from others. Which of these Key Activities does your Value Proposition require? Which activities do your Channels and Customer Relationships require?

Who helps you

Who helps you provide Value to others? Who supports you in other ways, and how? Do any partners supply Key Resources or perform Key Activities on your behalf? Could they?

What you give

What do you give to your work (time, energy, etc.)? What do you give up in order to work (family or personal time, etc.)? Which Key Activities are most "expensive" (draining, stressful, etc.)?

List soft and hard costs associated with your work:

Soft costs:

  • Stress, dissatisfaction, lack of flexibility
  • Lack of personal or professional growth opportunities
  • Low recognition, social contribution
  • etc.

Hard costs:

  • Excessive time or travel commitments
  • Unreimbursed commuting or travel expenses
  • Unreimbursed training, education, tool, materials, or other costs
  • etc.

What you get

For what Value are your Customers truly willing to pay? For what do they pay now? How do they pay now? How might they prefer to pay?

Describe your revenue and benefits. Hard items might include:

  • Salary
  • Wages or professional fees
  • In-kind payments or swaps
  • Health and disability insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Stock options or profit-sharing plans
  • Tuition assistance
  • etc.

Soft factors might include:

  • Satisfaction, enjoyment
  • Professional development
  • Recognition
  • Social contribution
  • Flexible hours or conditions
  • etc.

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A One-Page Method for Reinventing Your Career


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