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Design events that work visually with clients and stakeholders. A great tool for planning, program design and turning objectives into effective events.

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The Event Design Template is developed by Wedesignthinking. Read more at - English - Nederlands


  1. Choose your time format - Plan events that cover multiple days, weeks or months, or fill in hours to plan a one-day event.
  2. Objectives - What are your goals & objectives. What do you wish to accomplish? Design the experiences, changes or eye-openers of your participants. Other methods like the golden circles, empathy mapping and value proposition design work well before, or during this step.
  3. Overall program - What's the overall program? Design the program like a journey that guides participants along experiences that lead to discovering different objectives. Who's responsible for each part of the program?
  4. Detailed program, content & details - Mindmap ideas, activities, videos, workshops, subjects and other ideas. Structure and (re)design your objectives and program with these puzzle pieces.

Loop. Use new ideas from step 4 to improve experiences and discover new objectives. The Event Design Template works as a roadmap and customer journey. Try to remove as much as you're adding. The biggest pitfall is attempting too much with a packed program.


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Design events that work visually with clients and stakeholders.


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