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This canvas is a supplement to the Business Model Canvas from Business Model Generation, the Empathy Map by Dave Gray and XPLANE and Golden Circles by Simon Sinek.

This template is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 Unported License.
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Create great value propositions from a customers perspective.

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Discover what products and services are of value to your customers. Before or after this exercise, you can create personas to better understand your customers, their jobs and create better products & services.

  1. Customer(s) - Who are your customers? What do they do?
  2. Pains - Describe negative things your customers (can) encounter. E.g. negative emotions, undesired costs or risks.
  3. Gains - Try to come up with things your customers could really use or benefit from. E.g. positive emotions, cost savings or other gains.
  4. Solutions - Create customer gains and solve pains. Think of smart combinations and multiple solutions for every pain or gain. These are your puzzle pieces
  5. Product & Services - Try to come up with products and services that provide these solutions.


  • Pains can often be rewritten as gains and vice versa. This new perspective often results in new ideas and solutions.
  • Reverse engineer ideas, products and services and start at the right side of the canvas. Don't look for proof, this approach requires both creativity and criticism.
  • The Value Proposition Design Canvas can be used side-by-side with the Golden Circle Pitch Canvas to test and turn your ideas into pitches. The contents of both canvases are exchangeable which can help you create better value propositions.
  • A great way to elaborate on the concept development is to use the Minimum Viable Product Canvas.

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template featured smart English

Create great value propositions from a customers perspective.

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Crie propostas de grande valor a partir de uma perspectiva de clientes.


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