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The tutorial for this canvas is currently only available in German. The English version is work in progress and will be available soon. Please come back soon or contact us in case of any questions.

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Lead your business step by step to data-driven success.

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Design value adding analytics solutions from a user's perspective.

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Design new business models and check the viability of business cases.

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Optimize you customer journey to attract more customers, increase revenue, increase their loyalty and get more recommendations.

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Unleash the full potential of your data sources and discover new data providers.

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Increase Data Quality as well as Data Availability and ensure Data Privacy as well as Data Security.

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Turn your data into corporate assets and increase your company's productivity.

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Plan and illustrate your data strategy workshops.

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Identify new growth markets and tap the full potential of new technologies.

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Stay focused on the relevant and important tasks, projects and ideas.

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Identify the relevant decision-makers.

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Find the right way for your company to make your vision come true.

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Identify relevant customers and tap new business opportunities.

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Create unique products and services.

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Cards for data strategy design

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Design Thinking for Data Driven Business


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Plan your data strategy projects and document the current state.

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Planen Sie Ihre Datenstrategie-Projekte und dokumentieren Sie den aktuellen Stand.


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