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Mindmap the human resources your business needs.


The Human Resources Canvas helps visualize the human resources needed to execute your business model. The 9 building blocks from the Business Model Canvas are translated into common business departments. Plot experts in a strategical or operational role or mindmap partners to create a team that is capable to execute your business model.

  1. Mindmap your team onto the canvas and allocate every expert or partner properly using the columns by strengths and expertise.
  2. Identify the gaps and crowded areas. Determine if these are potential problems. Take notes.
  3. Reorganize the team in order to solve the 'gaps'. Create a well-balanced team that fits your business model. Try to keep every expert inside their comfort zone by staying close to their strengths and expertise.
  4. Gaps that can't be filled can mean (1) a vacancy or (2) a potential partnership is needed or (3) a change of plans/strategy.

If you prefer to use your own department names, feel free to put cards on top of the labels, or take a look at the Key Resources Canvas for more freedom and customization.

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Mindmap the human resources your business needs.


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Phiraya Phonphumiruk

As I am the HR specialist, I really appreciate this canvas as it can help to link the business model canvas into the HR action plan. However I have some questions to clarify my understanding about the HR canvas.

  1. There are 7 categories in HR canvas, somes I can link them with the business model canvas such as Sales & Marketing team in HR Canvas is the people whose jobs are related to the Channel in the Business Canvas Model. Research & Development team in HR Canvas Model is the people whose job related to value proposition. However; I am not sure about the Management Team in HR Canvas. Which part of the Business Model Canvas that related to management team ?

  2. What is the definition of the Strategic Level & Operation Level ? I mean besides the strength & expert of the team, does the impact of their job is concerned in this Canvas?

  3. Is it necessary to have all 3 levels for each categories?

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