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Platform business models are multi-peer business models. It’s very hard to create such a model with the original Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas. Therefore the Platform Business Model Canvas makes it easier than ever to design a platform from every stakeholder’s perspective.

The PBMC is part of the Platform Innovation Kit and works well with other templates like the Value Proposition Design Canvas.


This template has a 'smart tutorial'. Hover over the quotes '' next to titles for more information on how to use the template.

A short tutorial on how to use the template:

  1. Stakeholders - Identify the main stakeholders of the platform and map them in each corner. Be as precise as possible. Usually, there will be a platform owner, consumers, producers and partners.
  2. Value Propositions - Formulate the value proposition for each stakeholder. Is the platform a real benefit for everyone?
  3. Value Transactions - Map the inputs and outputs of each stakeholder - what is the peer giving and what does he wants from the platform?
  4. Platform Components - At the center, think about necessary technical components needed in order to make the platform work, realize the value transactions and meet the value propositions from each stakeholder.

This should help to start. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us by using the contact form or leave a comment. With your feedback we want to further improve the Platform Business Model Canvas as a valuable tool for business developers.

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Plot your stakeholders from partners and suppliers to competitors and customers.

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Everything you need to create and design platforms and platform business models.


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Create business models for platforms and marketplaces



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jacques xu

Great graphic! Though the Owner portion perhaps is a bit... vague.

Matthias Walter
platform business innovation


Great tool so far. Some minor recommendations after using it with some clients:

  • exchange the plus / minus sybols by arrows to visualize transfer of values
  • small pics of the business model canvas in each corner can be removed - more space for sticky notes
  • maybe an additional circle on the outer side could help to visualize better the place for the stakeholdes notes
  • the symbol for "partner" seems a little bit "old".

But so far it's great tool.

Niels Hoogendoorn
Founder & Design Thinker at


Used it to visualize the Creatlr platform. Really like it! Some quick ideas on the next iteration:

  • The Key Platform Components area is just a little too small, let's make it bigger?
  • The Value Propositions area could be smaller to make room for the components.
  • Value Transactions are a very good way of ensuring every stakeholder is an active member of the platform. You 'give' and 'get'. Helped me already!
  • The way I used it, there is not much 'lost real estate'. Sticky notes pretty much everywhere :)
  • The colors represent the different perspectives. Using matching sticky note colors for every stakeholder makes the distinction even bigger.

Every used a sticky note?

Hi visual thinker!

Every used a sticky note before? Creatlr enables you to do this on any device, anywhere with your teams and clients!

Just what I was looking for!