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The method of the environment scan was invented by Alex Osterwalder and team. We took it to the platform level and created the Platform Environment Canvas.

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Want to spot opportunities for new business ideas? Use the environment canvas to understand, evaluate and pick important trends, your competitors or other important forces.

Use the four areas to map important forces to bring them all on one page. This helps you to better understand and spot opportunities.

A great way to start every ideation phase.


Before you start to use the canvas, it is important to do some research and collect informations and trend analysis.

Bring all the material together into the workshop and discuss them with the team. Then the work with the canvas begins.

  1. use sticky notes to map all important forces / trends / aspects on the canvas - using the 4 major areas.

  2. rank them by importance. the most important ones are placed closer to the inner circle / middle. less important ones are at the outside.

  3. use the "platform ideation canvas" as a next step


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Scan your business environment for important trends, impacts and opportunities.


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