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Make visual & remote collaboration work

Get on the same page with digital workshops and visual project management. Collaborate visually with colleagues and clients.

Powerful visual design thinking tools

Powerful visual
design thinking tools

Redesign the way you work. Search from 200+ visual tools shared by the community. Design, develop and think visually together with colleagues and clients. Work smarter, transform your workflow into a visual, flexible and interactive journey.

Add your methods and tools to Creatlr. Welcome to the world’s largest open platform for visual thinkers to share their knowledge and tools.

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template featured smart English

Your Business Model on one page

template featured smart German beta

Planen Sie Ihre Datenstrategie-Projekte und dokumentieren Sie den aktuellen Stand.

template featured English

Profile your customer segments and better understand their world

template featured smart English

Brainstorm your Why, How and What, define your Story scope and design things that work!

template featured smart English

Your business model, optimized for Lean Startup.

template featured

Plan your project visually.

template featured smart English

Create great value propositions from a customers perspective.

deck featured

Create infographics with ribbons, arrows and quotes

deck featured English

Create business models together, visually!

deck featured

Mindmap with trends, create your future.

deck featured

Create smarter apps. Get creative with all technological possibilities.

collection 4 templates featured

Create better pitches for every idea, customer segment or product.

collection 14 templates featured

Design Thinking für datengetriebene Unternehmen

collection 9 templates featured

Everything you need to create and design platforms and platform business models.

collection 12 templates 1 decks featured

Everything you need to turn your idea into a startup!

Discover more tools shared by the community

Make remote
collaboration work

Have you ever used a sticky-note before? Great! Remote brainstorms and workshops in Creatlr aren’t a whole lot different. Creatlr works as an extension to your ‘offline’ tools and environments. Organize creative sessions regardless of their location. All you need is an internet connection and a screen. Remove boundaries to work together. Save time and make remote collaboration work!

Getting on the same page with workshop templates

Getting on the same page

Organize your thoughts visually with over 200+ templates and card decks. Express yourselves with text, images, videos, links and smart elements. Test, iterate and communicate with discussions, feedback and sharing.

Project management for visual thinkers

Project management
for visual thinkers

Manage your projects and progress in a visual language your team and clients can understand. Adapt your projects to every scenario with kanban views, timelines, evidence boards and turn your work into visual keynotes in one click.

Hello interactive workshops, bye bye Powerpoint.

Hello interactive workshops,

Bye bye Powerpoint.

Stop confusing static Powerpoint presentations with creativity. Turn your meetings & presentations into interactive workshops. Creatlr on the big screen enables you to get creative with large audiences. Communicating becomes collaborating. Learning by doing.

Start preparing brainstorms & meetings in minutes

Preparing ‘offline’ workshops & meetings has never been this fast. Download, print and prepare. Choose and switch seamlessly between digital and offline workshops. The tools you use should be as flexible as you are.

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Accessibility & feedback by design.

Accessibility & feedback by design.

Asking for feedback and involving clients and stakeholders requires a creative environment that can open up, close and protect your work. Choose from accessibility options that enable you to ask feedback from outsiders, colleagues or coaches and keep things as private or public as you want. You are in control.

Collect your favorite visual thinking tools

Collect your favorite tools

Find the tools you love with our powerful search engine. Search for keywords or skills like ‘business development’ or ‘marketing’. Browse through the community with ‘Discover’, or follow people you know to discover the tools they like. Always have your favorite tools ready for action at your personal profile.

Instantly create deliverables, export digital workshops as PDF

Instantly create deliverables

Export digital workshops as PDF

Working with Creatlr saves you the trouble of turning your ideas and brainstorms into deliverables. Professional templates together with your thoughts result in inspiring infographics. Every digital workshop and its information can be exported as a PDF with just the push of a button.

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Creatlr is as flexible as you are. Keep it simple with our Free plan, or discover smart extras for different usecases.
Creatlr can scale with your team. Unlock visual thinking and get more work done in every situation.

Discover how to work smarter, take a tour of all extra features from each plan.

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