• AirBnB
    (market network)

  • Create a world where people can belong through healthy, local, authentic, diverse, inclusive and sustainable travel

  • Becoming the #1 destination in the world for private and business travelers in 20xx.

  • Trust - people using our services can trust they get what they want

  • Brand & Global Reach

  • Mostly re-invest earnings for marketing & integration (see market strategy) to stimulate network effect s driven growth

    Secure funding for expansion plans.

    Become profitable in 20xx

  • Aggressive market penetration with mostly existing services to gain reach fast

    Integrate low-budget hostels / hotel

    Integrate service into a truly end-to-end service (e.g. incl. UBER)

  • Continue to improve existing platform & services - stay independent.

    Improve API / interfaces for plug-and-play integration with partners

  • Strong competition and users open for multi-homing.

    Competition strong mostly in local markets, but not on a global level

  • Key Stakeholders:

    - Long term Investors
    - Private investors via token-shares
    - Integrated partners

  • Reach & Integration of additional services

    User Experience

    Savings for users

  • Regulations

    Increasing market for low-price accomodation

    Negative Public image

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