• Host

  • Private travellers

  • Accommodation possibility

  • Wide variety of options

  • Stay in regions where no hotels

  • Save money

  • Earn extra money

  • Less stress with legal graves

  • Get in contact with cool people

  • Payment provider

  • Private travellers

  • Photographer

  • Cleaning service

  • Host

  • Payment service for a transaction

  • Host

  • Cleaning service

  • Photos

  • Turnover without own sale

  • Turnover without own sale

  • Turnover without own sale

  • Advertising for more bookings

  • Save time

  • Save payment around the world

  • Advertisement in B2C market

  • Building a intelligent algorithm to match cleaning ressources with specific need

  • Building a convenient payment process including external payment provider

  • Improve customer journey

  • Private travellers

  • Private travellers

  • Rating of accomodations

  • Support favourite accomodations

  • Creation of an incentive system for ratings (e.g. discount on the next booking)

  • Select trustful accomodation

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